Our focus on Dementia & Reablement

The rise in the number of people suffering from Dementia and the inverse availability of well trained care staff has impelled OneClick to specialise in the provision of Dementia care personnel.

We are well aware that the dearth of trained and able staff is seriously hampering the ability of Care Service providers to deliver excellent services. It is a well established fact that many Care Service providers have had to resort to delivering in house training programmes at great cost to themselves to ensure that their staff reach at the very least minimum qualification standards. The problem is further exacerbated as high staff turnover levels breed constant training needs for new staff, which in turn has the negative effect of diverting valuable resources both in terms of staff time and prohibitive training costs.

Another of our specialist areas of expertise lies in Reablement and personalisation. We have trained personnel who well versed in ensuring that people in need of Reablement and personalisation make the transition to independent living as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. All our care personnel have a thorough understanding of Reablement and Dementia and how it affects not only the service user but also their families. We also ensure that our in house training programmes are geared towards instilling the importance of upholding statutory standards of care and codes of practice. Our personnel are also constantly updated and briefed on changes within the Sector through our quarterly newsletters and dedicated Care Forum.

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