What we do for you

The success of any business rests on the people who make it work. Vision and Mission statements map out dreams for success but it is the people who work for you that quite literally help you attain your corporate sustainability goals.

Matching aspirations, work skills and experience is a business that OneClick understands. Our approach is simple and geared towards a long term advantage. We understand that you need to find good people, with minimum effort on your part, to fill jobs that demand performance excellence. To this end, we have a database of people with wide ranging skills and experience in the Sectors in which we operate.

We use a holistic approach to register and retain a “work ready” workforce. Our rigorous interview and registration process identifies the aptitude, personality traits, capabilities and any skills gaps in applicants. Additionally, any personnel we provide are thoroughly vetted on a number of differentials and possess the legal right to work in the United Kingdom.

Our dedicated training arm addresses all our employees’ personal development needs to close any skills gaps. Our commitment to success does not end there, we also use a mentorship approach with our workers to nurture confidence and the will to deliver excellent results. Our process ensures that we continue to monitor and evaluate performance even when people are placed in work. In short, the personnel we provide understand the importance of being a responsible team player and the vital necessity to deliver strong performances for your business, your customers and for their own personal development.

How We Work for you

We take the business of employment seriously which means that the personnel we provide must exceed your expectations. We know the formula is magically simple – keep all clients in the consumer chain happy and that most certainly includes your customers. Ultimately, all we really want, is to see you enjoy your success - and in a nutshell, this is how we make our process work for you.

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